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They use it a lot. NOT to start another Piers Morgan thread but he was on Jay Leno, The Tonight Show this week and he repeated the ‘Nobody is going to take away your guns’ statement.

Basically what the "Big Lie" tactic is, is to tell a lie, tell a big lie, and keep telling it over and over, and over. Do not allow any discussion about it. Ignore any who want to discuss it. Never allow conflicting data to be presented. Ridicule those who oppose. Never stray from the mantra. Keep telling it, over and over, and over time, people will come to first accept it, then actually firmly believe it is the truth.

Does this sound familiar?
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is really getting it's mileage using "The Big Lie" tactic.

Piers Morgan was indeed on with Jay Leno Thursday night(1/31/2013). Morgans whole fifteen minutes of 'shame' on Leno boasted his anti-gun rhetoric, how he honors/respects the COTUS and how great England has become since their strict gun laws came into effect. All this fueled by the host of the show Jay Leno.

On Friday night(2/1/31) Leno had the comedian Wanda Sykes on his show. The conversation was about various things and led to the topic of steroid use of sports figures in which funny lady Wanda so comically responded by referring that she felt this was all blown out of proportion and that nobody would question if using Viagra was 'doping' and that some would say using Viagra would be like a using a steroid in obvious areas.
She no sooner got her last laugh out of the doping topic and Leno led her right into her thoughts on the gun control issue.

If you've ever watched Wanda Sykes, it seems to be very evident that she is pro Obama and if Obama said it was good for all of us to pick all the stars out of the sky, she just may agree.

Naturally, her response to Leno's baiting gun control question about her thoughts on gun laws mirrored that of Obama's, Piers Morgans and the rest of the pro gun control crowd.

Seems as though Leno and the Tonight Show staff may be intentionally having pro gun control guests on the show doing the "Big Lie" tactic since there were two consecutive pro gun control people on there in two consecutive nights talking basically the same thing with Leno bringing up the topic ...Hmmm.

As a long time watcher of The Tonight Show, watching since Johnny Carson was the host, I'll be switching to Jimmy Kimmel from here on out.
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