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Got it, shot it, love it!

Picked it up this afternoon, since my LGS is also a range, got to shoot it immediately. Swapped out the stock recoil assembly with a tanderkross recoil assembly. I fired approximately 375 rds, all kinds of ammo, mostly bulk and it ate each and every one of them without a single problem. I simply can't find anything I don't like about this gun. The DA trigger is long (as it should be) and the SA is totally acceptable, quite good actually. Accuracy is also quite good, I shoot at a 3 inch circle with my handguns at 12yds for practice & I had no problem putting all rds in the "red". I have no problem with the sights whatsoever, but will flip the rear blade to solid black which I prefer. I always liked the eurgos of the SR22 which fits my hand exceptionally well. After today I know that I'm really going to enjoy this " FUN GUN"! By the way this makes Ruger 5 for 5 for outstanding guns purchased by me.
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