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Steve , Let me know how it works out for you. I shot several more cylinders yesterday afternoon and still no problems at all.
I haven't tested it from a bench rest yet but I have a 1'x1' x 1/4" steel plate
hanging from a tree with a 4" circle painted on it 30 yards from my shop porch. Only missed the plate off hand a couple times in over 60 shots and that may be because I was shaking due to standing outside in my t-shirt and 25 degrees out I like the steel plate because I can hear "ding" when I hit it and never had to walk through the snow to find out...I know, I know, I'm just lazy!
As long as you are shaving off lead or you have a really tight ball or conical I don't see how a spark or flame could possibly get to the powder unless you loose a cap. I'm really not convinced of that either. Most of the pics I've seen of a C&B revolver being fired does not show any flame at all going to the back of the cylinder. After slugging the chamber's a couple times right after I got it and seeing that leaves about a 3/16th line around the ball due to the tightness there is no way fire or spark is getting through.
As for leading I'm not convinced that the lube would help with that very much but I really figured it helped with the fouling. Now I'm not so sure. I can honestly say that after firing 3 cylinders with no lube over ball I can't see much difference in the fouling at all. I'm going to continue this method until I have a problem but I really don't have any fear of chain fires anymore, Mike
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