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Enjoy the show...

I and wife watch that show, good drama overall.

If you paid close attention they did claim a loaded gun is what hospitalized the fireman.

While very unlikely a round cooking off IN THE CHAMBER would be a muzzle I would decline to be in front of.

Unlikely, but possible. A round cooking of in the chamber would build pressure and exit the muzzle at high velocity.

Now about crawling out of bed with perfect hair and makeup in place.....not so much, no matter how attractive you are. Same episode.

It is entertainment guys, and it is possible tho very unlikely.

I had a house fire about a month ago now. Gotta pack up all my ammo and reloading gear, the restoration company will not store it nor even touch it.

The gun safe can stay in the house while the reconstruction is done. The local FD said nothing of the guns and reloading gear, other than complimenting me on having a big safe for the guns.
I am staying here in my RV while the house is rebuilt.

My heartfelt thanks to my local FD, thanks to their amazingly quick response (inside 3 min.) my home was saved. Sure beats looking at a pile of burnt crap in what was the basement.
Support your local FD!!
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