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Hgmeyer. I agree with you 100%. Higher Magazine capacity shouldn't replace skill and confidence gained through practice and familiarity. The vast majority of LEO's today have no idea who Bill Jordan was, or what skills he empathized, or how lightening fast that man was. I grew up reading his articles. His book "No Second Place Winner", first published in 1965, should be mandatory reading for anyone who carrys for self defense, regardless of the weapon they chose. I own and enjoy shooting numerous semiautomatics. I just don't trust them 100%. I have seen far too many semi auto jams on the qualifion ranges over the years to trust a semi as much as a revolver. Limp wristing / improper grip, ammo issues, improper lubrication, weather, faulty magazine issues and pressing the muzzle up against a hard object causing the slide to slightly disengage, etc. can and will cause semiautomatic pistols to malfunction. While revolvers are certainly not immune from malfunctioning, in my experience they are FAR less likely to do so if properly maintained. Off duty, I trust and carry a revolver.

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