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I've had it from shooting handguns. Once, it was caused by experimenting with rolling my elbows out as recommended by a popular video gunslinger.

I had to lay off shooting and started to rehab my forearms with a Luxon grip strengthener and VIVE balls in addition to my normal weekly trips to the fitness center for upper and lower body resistance training. The Luxon and VIVE worked well.

A word of caution about the Luxon is to start at the lowest setting for a couple of weeks before even considering moving it or you may end up hurting yourself even more... like I did. Lock your wrist and squeeze it until your hand stops shaking then release and do it again. Stop when you feel twinges of pain. Work both the strong and weak sides.

I learned that sugar in my diet can exacerbate inflammation for arthritis sufferers so I cut that drastically. It helped both issues.
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