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What rifle is being scoped , what caliber and is it going to be used for hunting , target shooting or both . I like shooting off a Bi Pod and rear bag , keeps the rifle pretty steady . Locking the rifle down for a zero isn't a natural hold . Even how you mount the scope if not correct you could run out of adjustment . It's
alittle more then lock it down and adjust the crosshairs. Help sighting in a scope , the scope is on the rifle already , set up at a bench use sand bags under the stock and at the rear of the stock keeping the rifle as steady as possible , target set up at 100 yards if center fire cross hairs on the target , take the first shot . Hopefully it will be on paper , keeping the rifle pointed at the bullseye move the crosshairs to the bullet hole . The next shot you should be in the ballpark to fine tune . Most of us don't lock our rifles down .that's more like artillery.
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