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Originally Posted by Carl the Floor Walker View Post
Gun Control? Who? My gosh, is simple to look at the leaders of this Country, from Governors to Congressmen to Senators to the President of the United States and see very clearly where they stand as far as gun control and the 2A rights.
Laws of gun control are easy to see who is against the rights of the America Citizen. Not hard to figure out who votes for these people and supports them. Anti gun groups all across the US.
Power! Power to control those that legally support the 2A and the power to destroy with Domestic Terrorism with no consequences. A man or family now in some areas cannot even protect his own business from being burned to the ground, looted etc. And the majority of those states have leaders that are doing everything in that power to control the legal gun owners.
Domestic Terrorism is real and you cannot hide from it. The word "Terrorism" means TERROR/FEAR and citizens of the law abiding feel it. Law and order are diminishing rapidly.

They want to destroy the US Constitution 2nd amendment which is part of the bill of Rights. Why? because they may not really be anti gun, but they want the power that goes with the destruction of that right.

"The FBI defines Domestic terrorism as follows.
The definition for terrorism remains the same under the U.S. Code. It involves an act that is violent or dangerous to human life, where the act appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; influence government policy through intimidation or coercion".
Law and order, support for the Constitution vs Lawlessness and destruction of the Constitution. It is clearly defined.
I am guilty of drifting off topic, I apologize.

As the topic asks a question about where American people stand on gun control, I have to say that most people I meet are not fully aware of the content and the meaning of 2A. And they do not reflect much upon it.

Most who opine against 2A base their argument on a cost vs benefit rationale that involves perceived notions of "public safety", but they overlook the fact that safety is not contemplated anywhere in 2A. As we know 2A is not put in the Constitution to enhance "safety" or public harmony. It is not there to protect the right to hunt or to enjoy firearms for sport either.

2A is there to guarantee freedom: "... necessary for the security of a free State".
The freedom to self defense.

And 2A does not contemplate nor does it care about a possible tradeoff between more freedom and "public safety". It is very possible that the framers understood that more gun violence could be a price to pay for that freedom.

I don't think that most private citizens who hold views in favor of tighter gun control want to "control us" or to gain more power. Politicians maybe, but not because they want to control us in a 1984 fashion, they just want to get re-elected to stay on the gravy train and so they go the direction that the political winds blows them onto.

But most of the American public are not savvy to this. They just make a connection: "gun crime is not desirable so tighten access to guns".

Maybe those who are well intentioned and against 2A would trade off freedom for "more safety", in that case, that would take a Constitutional change and repeal of 2A. But until that day comes, 2A says what it says: "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed".
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