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In short:
Repeals criminalization of suppressor possession apart from Federal regulations. (TX Penal Code 46.05(a)(6).)
Establish a class of “Made in Texas” suppressors that must be manufactured in Texas from Texas-made parts, must stay in Texas, and are exempt from Federal regulations.
Give a path to secure a declaratory judgment on the constitutionality of this law before someone manufactures “Made in Texas” suppressors.

It's political theater and will have no effect other than confusing the public.
-States can't invalidate federal law. (see Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution).
-an item or product does not have to leave a state or be made from materials in a state to affect interstate commerce.

Kansas and a few other states have passed similar "firearm freedom" laws.
The USSC denied cert on a case involving two guys in Kansas. They can no longer possess or use firearms.
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