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My belief is that if there were no restrictions of rifles, rifle seasons and rifle ammo types for deer hunting all over America, there would be proportionally many more rifle hunters and far fewer hunters who use alternate methods.
You might be right, but I think if there were no restrictions, we would have a huge increase in the amount of crippled, wounded and lost deer.

the first point that comes to my mind is deer injured and lost, because there are always some people who do not, and will not use suitable firearms, if it "ain't against the law"...

Count on it, there WILL be people who will choose to use .22RF (or smaller!) use FMJ bullets or shoot deer with birdshot, if is isn't against the law...

Game laws exist to protect and mangage game animals. They aren't there to make things easy for the sport hunter, nor should they undly handicap them.

Yes there are rules and places that do seem to make hunting more difficult than others, but there are often valid reasons for that.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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