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Here in Co archery has their own season. Deer/Elk/Moose/Bear/Pronghorn and not sure about sheep.

You can hunt with bow instead of rifle but you wear Hunter Orange/Pink.

You can buy OTC archery elk either sex or cow tag on selected units. For the better units you have draw same as with rifle. Some deer units are either sex,doe,buck and better unit take points to draw same with rifle.

I've only taken one deer archery was when I live Calf early 70's. My wife gave up rifle for archery better weather in Sept vs Oct/Nov and she taken few buck.

My wife is pretty active in archery as she match shooter and we belong to couple clubs. I kind of like target and been down to Vegas. I have 3-D bow another for 3/5 Spot (I shoot single spot) and one if I decide to hunt. I shoot rifle right hand and bow left handed. Been interesting having to face right hand shooter on firing line. We have 80yd max range at house and some of matches wife shoots are at 20yd,40yd,60yd.

Muzzleloader season for Deer,Elk,Pronghorn,Bear,Moose is during archery.
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