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Good stuff,thanks.
I have access to,and know how to run a Bridgeport. I've cut 1911 frames for ramp before.
But...While I'm all for ramped bbls in a 38 Super, there is a small fly in the ointment for ramped 45 bbls. I'm not saying it does not work,but there may be some feed problems with wider meplat bullets.

The mag feed lips come up to the same level. That means the center axis of the 38 Super cartridge will exit the magazine at a slightly higher elevation than the 45 ACP. I discovered with the Rowland using the Clark kit,the lower edge of the meplat can snag the lower edge of the ramp.

The idea behind the 45 Super brass is a thick enough case web to cover the unsupported chamber. Its designed to work without a ramp.

In any case,if I did set up a 45 Super, I just can't afford to run Buffalo Bore ammo. I'd load my own to suit the gun. Duplicating factory load velocity would not be a goal. Reliable slide stop function with a 16 lb spring ,a square firing pin stop, and a John Moses spec mainspring will get me enough,whatever it is. All in the name of fun.
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