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It sounds like dyed-in-the-wool rifle hunters' collective beef is with those officials who write game regulations and not those hunters who employ alternate methods. I now realize that even during gun seasons, rifles hunters have to compete with other rifle hunters to fill the freezer. The question remains as to how much less restrictions on rifles would in theory affect the percentages of hunters who use the various categories of weapons. My belief is that if there were no restrictions of rifles, rifle seasons and rifle ammo types for deer hunting all over America, there would be proportionally many more rifle hunters and far fewer hunters who use alternate methods. Yes, hunters have more opportunity to harvest deer using variety of methods only because game regulations limit the opportunity for guns on deer.

If I were to have my way, modern rifles would be permitted all deer season long, and all season long for other big-game species, in all 50 states, with no requirements to use straight-wall cartridges anywhere and no prohibitions on bullets containing lead. Sure I would welcome other methods afield but they should share the woods with the rifle users. But as a strict rifle hunter for deer, I object to the crafting of game regs that cut my deer seasons short. I personally don't care to employ other weapon types to have a longer deer opportunity. It hurts my parts that the majority of deer hunters, modern rifle users, have to step aside for archers and/or muzzle-loader users for a good part of deer seasons. I was angry in California back in 2015 when a certain road got closed to automobile traffic because of some stupid special bicycle racing event. I had to take a long detour and was inconvenienced. I don't like to be inconvenienced by parts of deer seasons that are designated as no gun. It doesn't seem fair.
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