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Bows are just plain ol fun, and archery has merit as a stand alone discipline (in sports, target shooting, and hunting) by itself, not as a substitute for firearms.

I find that shooting bows is more care free and relaxing that firearms: no hearing protection, no need to show that the weapon is clear, no need for safe storage at home, no brass to collect, no cleaning of the weapon after use!! And you get some exercise to boot, archers have strong upper bodies, shoulders back and arms.

There is one more thing that I find specially appealing about hunting with a bow: the energy that goes into harvesting that animal, energy that is put into that pass-through arrow through the vitals of a deer, and elk, a bison, a bear!.... is YOUR energy. It is not the result of an industrial process that you direct towards the animal. YOU, your body, really, harvested that animal. You may be able to kill a bison with archery tackle and some other person might not be, because they lack the strength to propel a powerful enough arrow to do the job.

What firearms have is a practical utility as self defense implements that archery tackle lacks, and in this they are more versatile. But when used purely as a hobby, they are more expensive and difficult to maintain.

So no, firearms and archery are not in competition with one another, neither are motorcycles and bicycles, or iron sights and optics, or ....
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