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Originally Posted by HiBC
I run my 1911 in 45 ACP and I don't hot rod it. I will say 45 Super is interesting. I'd use a square firing pin stop . I'd test with an 18 lb spring till it just barely worked the slide stop,then I'd put in a 16 lb spring. Whatever load worked good with a 16 lb spring would be as hot as I'd go. I don't care the fps. I don't like extra heavy recoil springs. 1911's don't.either.
When it comes to the 1911, I would stick with standard pressure .45 ACP. If you want a 1911 that shoots something hotter, then go with a 1911 chambered in .38 Super or 10mm Auto. A standard .45 1911 really wasn't built for 28,000psi, and can't accept a proper ramped barrel.
If you want to shoot .45 Super, then either get an H&K USP and shoot it right out of the box with no modifications necessary, or modify something more durable like a CZ-97, Glock 21/41, S&W 4506, M&P45, or a SIG P220.
.40 S&W is the perfect example of a Zombie Cartridge. Allegedly it has been dead since 2016, yet it continues to walk among us.
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