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I don't recall for sure,but I think it was a Jurras rather than an AMT.
This is a point that gets confusing for those folks who haven't researched the actual history of the guns.

The .44 Auto Mag (two word name) was originally built by the Auto Mag Company, originally at a Pasedena location and then at a North Hollywood address. That company went under (for reasons I'll skip here), and Thomas Oil Company bought up the rights, tooling, and remaining parts, and formed T.D.E. company (Trust Deed Estates) with the intention of completing the already existing frames, at an El Monte Ca address, and they hired Harry Sanford, who had run the original Auto Mag company, to manage it.

They did finish the existing parts stock, and then went on and made new guns for several years, producing the numerical bulk of the Auto Mags made. Later, they sold worldwide distributor rights to Lee Jurras (of Super Vel ammo fame), and the last production TDE guns have Jurras's name and Lion head logo on them. After that, production was essentially over, though High Standard had the rights and tooling for a little bit and produced a few guns, but not in any significant numbers.

AMT was Arcadia Machine & Tool, and they made the Automags (one word name), which, outside of the same sounding name, are completely different gun designs than the Auto Mag pistols. Further confusing the matter is the fact that after the Auto Mag ended, Harry Sanford worked at AMT and was involved in producing the Automags, to some degree.

AMT never made any Auto Mags, they made the Automag II (.22WMR), the Automag III (.30 carbine) the Automag IV (.45 Win Mag and reportedly a handful in 9mm Win Mag), and the Automag V (.50 AE).

I might be mistaken,but I believe we chrono'd over 1300 with that 260 gr bullet. IMO,thats full 44 magnum/44 Automag performance.
Being a wildcat, and having no idea what loads were being run, I won't dispute your memory, but currently available data indicates 1300fps witha 260gr is high. 1300 with a 200 or a 230 is possible but no one I've seen is saying they get that with a 260gr. Its possible you did get that much, and its possible your load was well above what is used today.

The .44 Auto Mag is like that, too. Data in the loading manuals (Speer, Hornady shows it topping out in the 1300fps range with 240s and slightly less with 265s, but the loads used by the wildcatters in the early days were HOTTER, and when they claimed they got 1600fps with a 240gr from a 6.5" barrel, they got it!

But, those loads are very hard on the guns. I have one article stating that, with the original hot .44AMP loads, the bolt rotation pins last 500-750rnds, before breaking. Running 240s in the 1300fps range doesn't stress the gun nearly as much and it lasts considerably longer.

I have chronographed some of the original CDM .44AMP factory ammo, and it is in the 1300fps range. And quite impressive, despite not being a 1600fps load.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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