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Since this thread got brought up in another thread and I have something to add on the subject, yet don't want to derail the other thread, I'm going to go ahead and revive this thread yet again over a year since the last post.

Semiautomatic Magnum Pistols are one of those exotic types of firearms that seems to catch my eye, get me all fired up, and appeal to my somewhat eccentric tastes. Unfortunately, they're too scarce, too expensive, and would require me to get into reloading to support. Besides, out of all the ones that I've seen, only the LAR Grizzly really appeals to me.

I've had folks say to me in the past that if I want something like an LAR Grizzly, only less expensive, then I should get a 1911 then have it converted to .460 Rowland, but that doesn't appeal to me for a number of reasons. For one, it's a conversion, and I'd rather have something that was designed to shoot magnum cartridges rather than converted to shoot them. I'm skeptical that all it requires to make a firearm designed to handle 23,000psi capable of handling 40,000psi is a set of heavier springs and a compensator. I mean, has anyone ever really ran a 1911 converted to .460 Rowland hard and observed how well it actually holds up to a steady diet of the stuff? Granted that not many have the money to do so, myself included, but still. Furthermore, .460 Rowland is much like so many of these other magnum cartridges that these magnum pistols come chambered in, is not a common cartridge, so even reloading for it isn't cheap. Lastly, I have to question whether I would enjoy shooting a .460 Rowland 1911 any more than I would a 10mm Auto 1911, or otherwise a less extensively modified 1911 in .45 Super.

Ultimately, my pursuit of a Semiautomatic Magnum Pistol went as far as me getting an H&K USP45 Elite and a few boxes of .45 Super.

I've had some folks argue that .45 Super isn't a "real" Magnum Cartridge because it isn't a lengthened version of an existing cartridge, but rather more of an overpressure variant of the .45 ACP in a stronger case, but it scratches the itch well enough for me, and features performance roughly on par with .357 Magnum/10mm Auto with a larger diameter bullet, so close enough.

That being said, if anyone ever revives the LAR Grizzly, then I could see buying one chambered in .44 Magnum.
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