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OK,so newer shotguns are supposed to work that way, I guess. I know for a fact that the Winchester Model 12 does not.

ITs action remains firmly locked shut after the trigger is pulled, UNTIL you put some FORWARD pressure on the forearm. THEN it unlocks. Most of the time, the forward bump needed is supplied by a firm hold on the forearm, during recoil, Most model 12 shooters learn early on that you don't pull back on the forend when shooting you push forward until after the shot.

The model 12 can be fired as fast as you can pump it, if its one of the originals without a trigger disconnector. Done that, too!

the Rem 870 works a bit differently is slicker feeling, and of course has a disconnector.

I don't have personal experience with the Win 1300 but if it was based on the Win 1200 its inferior to the Rem 870. In my opinion.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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