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Winchester used to advertise that as a feature to make them faster to operate. They called them the "Speed Pump".

Winchester always claimed that the 1300, which they nicknamed the “Speed Pump” was a faster design than what Remington and Mossberg offered in their designs, and I can actually agree. According to the manual; after the shotgun is fired, the locking lugs of the rotary bolt begin disengaging from the barrel extension and the recoil forces assist the slide in moving rearward. You can actually see this when you hold up a empty unloaded Model 1300 muzzle up. The shotgun unlock itself.
In my experience the feature works as advertised, but I don't think it actually made it faster to operate the action. In the end how fast you work the action comes down to how smooth everything operates. While the 1300 got a head start, I could never work the action any faster than an 870
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