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Colorado is still decent, getting drawn for Elk is easier than Deer. I have not looked at the out-of-state requirements for Ranching for Wildlife, but that is the best chance to fill the tags you get. If you are after bulls on a DIY hunt, you really need some fishing trips to scout the areas and learn them. Few folks luck into a bull on their first time in an area. Elk tend to run cycles in terms of several days instead of daily like Deer and Pronghorn. When they get bumped by the Archery folks starting Sept 1, then ML and 3 or 4 rifle seasons, it is an ever changing thing.

The migration routes have changed and less migration in the last 5 years or so. We also have wolves, and more coming. While "Keep Colorado Wild" initiative from the Governors office has some good aspects, overall, I am skeptical as to where CO hunting will be in the next 5 to 10 years. Having filled 37 Elk tags as well as a lot of Deer and Pronghorn tags, I doubt that that kind of success will be possible in 10 years.
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