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I've hunted Colorado a couple of times and vacationed there several times in summers. It is really the only western state that I'm familiar with.

Roughly 2/3 of Colorado is open for elk hunting with over the counter tags after the 1st season. If you want to hunt 1st season you'll likely need to have points and get drawn. But 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons have plenty of opportunities.

Lots of elk, but there can be lots of hunters too. If you do your research and pick an area carefully, AND if you get lucky with the migration you just might take one. Snows during 3rd and 4th seasons force elk to move around and if you're in the right spot and if the weather cooperates you'll see elk.

Adding deer complicates things in Colorado though. You're probably not going to buy over the counter deer tags. And it may take a few years to get drawn for deer. Then you've got to find deer AND elk in the same unit you got drawn for to deer hunt.

If you bow hunt you have many more opportunities. The 4 rifle seasons usually last 5-7 days each. Archery season is basically the entire month of September and lots more of the state is open for you to hunt without being drawn.
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