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Originally Posted by wild cat mccane View Post
I mean, I'm the guy that easily proved lots of gun magazine articles spouted circular nonses that the GIGN currently fields this magical revolver...They don't.

I did bring up hand de burring is typically cited as a 12 hour process and I responded that this is an interesting thing that happens to it...but so what?

I mentioned that no ammunition exists that gets close to the rumor only 50% above CIP rating this gun is only rumored to support. I mentioned since a ruptured case is going to end any revolver, that rumor was kinda bogus to begin with. Anyone want to test this rumor with a ruptured case at 50% great than CIP? Okay...enjoy your new speak to text feature.

The mention of the strength of the barrel is interesting, but I mentioned Underwood isn't shooting out 568s/686s.

4,000 a made a year. Okay. Yep, it's a self made exclusive item...ok. Doesn't answer a thing towards the value of it.

I think I've seen better targets from the gent that posted his targets with one.

Price does matter since a stock 686/586 can get double action trigger jobs. Single action trigger can't be anything better than the S&W, cause there is nothing wrong with it. Weight is adjustable.

I think it's totally fair to bring up price. If the Python at $2K gets sold but also abused for price, a $3k gun can get the same treatment with more than "you just don't get it" statements. Everything about this revolver is a rumor. Most of them are "Okay, so..." rumors.

I mean, if you buying it as a collector, great. But if you aren't shooting it past what anyone things a 686 can last, the point of high metallurgical superiority to outlast a competitor is a bit silly.
I'm with you in all what you say. Totally.
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