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Totally agree. The Ruger is worth more.

If the Ruger goes up 100 dollars in value at 800 dollars start but the Freedom goes up 300 but cost $3K at the start...The Freedom had a high entry cost, higher total dollar risk, smaller market for resell, and less percent return--all the while you could have scored 3 Rugers to do the above at the Freedom's cost. At no point was the Freedom a better resale value.

It's cool. No one is saying this MR73 isn't cool. $3K cool? No one has made a good case for it. Not all.
Hmm…let’s try this instead…do you know anything about the MR73?

Why would anyone need to make a case for it to convince someone who is happy with dime a dozen revolvers? The MR does not need justification. It’s been selling for big bucks for many years and will just continue to go up. One of mine is a first year model unfired in box. It’s easily worth double what these new models are priced at.

…and if you think the Blackhawk is equal to a Freedom Arms in any way, my advice is to stick to Rugers.

If you’re happy with that stuff, more power to you. Sometimes I wish I was. I’d have been long since retired
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