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Who uses it, and how really has nothing to do with the actual question about the MR73 being great or over-rated. If not for the GIGN, it would not exist, but it really does not matter to the current production MR73s.
Couldn't agree more. I've been dithering over whether to pony up the money for one --- not because the GIGN used them, but because they are examples of precision engineering and craftsmanship, bordering on being works of art that also serve a practical purpose.

I get that some people either can't or don't want to put that much money into one. But I wonder if there would be the same animus as I see against the Manurhin if we were talking about some of the offerings from Freedom Arms. Or, for that matter, how about a 1911 from Wilson Combat or Nighthawk? They're going to run as much as or more than a Manurhin.
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