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I have held one many years ago, never shot one. I do believe that they are at the top of the pile when it comes to .357Mag Revolvers in probably every category. I'd love to shoot one and own one, but doubtful that I will. If I did, I'd shoot it a lot.

I would not look down on a person who aspired to obtain one even though price tag is a little rich for this working mans wallet. I'd also love to have a Browning 725 Golden Clays to match my Browning Golden Sporting Clays, but again, a bit rich for my wallet. I just happened to luck into mine used at a steal of a price. I would not mind having Zoli, Kreighoff, Turnbull, Winchester .405, and a few others. I am content to shoot what I have and admire the top tier (or rare) guns for what they are.
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