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I have fourteen Hi Power pistols (FN) and five FEG Hi Powers from Israel ( four of these are consecutive numbers) half of my FN pistols are from Israeli contracts. Of all the pistols only one a Browning marked “Capital” is marked assembled in Portugal although several are 1976 “C” series and 245 from the eighties and nineties. Of the two cast frames only the Capitan is Portugal marked and that pistol has the nicest high polish blue of any H P I have seen.
My “collection” consists of: Firstyear of production Belgian Army issue, Inglis 0T series, Eseries, post war, T Series, Browning Capitan, Mk II, Mk III pistols all of which get shot on a regular basis. The FEG pistols are clones of the Mk II and can pile brass with the best of the FN’ em’ all.
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