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By the time they got into mark series they weren't quality of original models reguardless of
who made them. The HPs marked Mauser were first made in Germany. They are stamped
Germany near trigger guard if so. I had one a couple years ago and still have pictures of it.
I don't keep any but original models and have had enough of them apart nobody is going
to convince me the newer series has the fit & finish of the older ones. They were cost cutting during this period just like everyone else in gun business. If you have some and they
make you happy that's all that counts. I'll stick with my older models of Brn HPs just as I
do with other brands. There is a point of time that fit, finish and other cost cutting measures
were used by all the major gun manufactures. In Brownings case that's why some guns were made in Japan, and FN parts assembled in Portugal. Guns made the old way couldn't compete with new modern methods.
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