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Drm50 I have had several FN Browning HPs and like amount of clones. The only ones that came close were some under Mauser than were made in Germany after WW2.
Mauser never manufactured a Hi Power clone or copy.
FEG of Hungary did manufacture a Hi Power clone with "Mauser" rollmarked on the slide. FEG would have put "Lexus" on a pistol if they thought it would sell and are well known for manufacturing counterfeit/fake Hi Powers with FN markings.

Once Brn started farming out to Portugal they weren't the same quality gun.

They were assembled not fitted as they were at FN. Some of the clones are not
bad when compared to the Portugese models but not near as slick as the originals from FN.
As noted above the only FN Hi Powers marked "Assembled in Portugal" were those imported into the USA by Browning Arms. Those imported by FNMI, FNUSA, Cassi, Vector, etc were not marked as such.
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