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Originally Posted by roc1 View Post
Yep I got a hand picked one from them hope it is only finish wore badly. Looks decent in pics actually a Browning FN hope so. I have read all bout springs issues and firing pin stop on Tisas Regent online so will see. The Regent finish inside an out is great machining looks great. I just got it Tuesday so will try her out this weekend. Then will know more
Check the Regent over closely. I would replace all the springs along with the firing pin retaining plate if it were my gun. There have been some reported issues with them. They look good but they are typical Turkish guns. Their QC and metallurgy is not consistent. IMHO I have spoken to C&S about them and at the time they had not handled many but thought they were decent. They did hardness test of the frame barrel and slide on the ones they had and the results were favorable.

When I asked other BHP smiths like Yost, Williams and Garthwaite about them they all said they would stick to know proven guns. I know Yost won't work on anything but a FN base gun. That is not a knock on C&S or the Regent it is just what I have been told.

I would take a surplus or better yet a commercial Browning/FN gun over the Regent. I would even take a FEG or FM over the Regent. The only appeal to me for the Regent is the price and a stainless steel frame and slide. If I wanted that look I would get a FN gun and then send it to be hard chromed which will look just as good be more durable and better build. Again IMHO
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