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BHSpringSolutions has some blog posts as well as YouTube videos on parts breakages and issues they encountered with the Regents. There are several parts you might want to replace were you to get one. I don't think that means you shouldn't consider one, however.

I actually did pick up a Mk III Hi Power from Mach 1 Arsenal, and I have a thread on it (I'll link to it if I get back to my computer). Overall they're serviceable pistols, but the finish will often be pretty beat and mine also had some dings in the metal of the slide. They may not have been shot extensively but they were often carried a lot and will correspondingly look the part. On mine I did replace all the springs and there was a noticeable difference in the spring tensions. I later found a nicer commercial model that was imported by Browning and got it for $630 and since sold the Mach 1 import model. The prices on commercial models have gone a bit nutty imo, but if you're patient on GunBroker you occasionally find a good deal. In my opinion from the abuse the import model I bought had seen I think spending the price difference on a commercial model is worth it if you do want an original FN/Browning.

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