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Originally Posted by Mainah View Post
You keep describing them as three hispanic males with face tats. In my experience three guys of any race with face tats outside a cheap hotel late at night is a big warning sign.
Mainah please forgive me for just stating fact in the story. Next time anything happens to me I'll make sure they are Caucasians, white, anglo-saxon, (not sure what politically correct term you want). Also I will make a donation to the ACLU and Hug a Thug Foundation and I won't wear my MAGA hat for 1 month. And I'll put a Beto I'm a Dork or whatever his name sign is up in my shed. Does that soothe your exposed politically correct nerve? I'm sure I'll get another "uncalled for sarcasm" moment brought to you by Aguila Blanca, but a statement such as yours needs some sarcasm. And I was wrong to judge guys with face tats. Hell maybe a travelling circus was in town. Maybe they were clowns without their red noses. Maybe there was a tattoo convention in town.

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