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Originally Posted by mgulino View Post

I'm glad all worked out well for you and the three young men. I've never been in a similar situation, but I do have a couple of questions for you.

You wrote that you drove into the parking lot, parked and saw three young men across the parking lot. You THEN drew your weapon and approached the hotel/room entrance, while the three men approached you from across the parking lot.

Here are my questions...How far away from you were they when you actually drew your weapon? If a shooting had occurred, and a justifiable reason had to be determined, would avoidance have been a better option?
I agree that avoidance is the best option. To answer your questions : I never drew the weapon. When I drove up and seeing these 3 hispanic dudes with tattoos on their faces (I'm talking cheeks, forehead, etc) I felt very uncomfortable. I have had to take numerous classes in my job on Texas gangs and their appearance sent red flags up. So I parked a good distance from them. I would say 75 yds or so. This was a small lot. My pistol was in my console, not on me. When I exited the vehicle I pulled my pistol out of the console, dropped my coat over that hand and arm, and had a over night bag in my left hand. Where I parked I had to walk at an angle away from them to get to my door. As soon as I started walking across the lot I saw them walking at an angle that would intercept me. Never once did I walk toward them with pistol raised. But when they intercepted me (in front of my door) that is when I did raise the my arm and the gun under the coat. And as I have already said, yes avoidance is great. But as I have shared, these cats came to me. Another thing was is that I didn't have a whole lot of money with me for a Hilton. This was a motel with doors on the outside. After they walked off I did not open my door, I went straight to the hotel entrance. I was afraid of opening the door in front of them.
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