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Originally Posted by Chaparral
Anyhow back to my story. I truly was trying to point out things that might save your life. I'm sorry for having a snubnose at that time, I'm sorry for not camping in my truck, I NEVER walked toward anyone but they walked across a parking lot to get to me! Many years ago I took a combat pistol course in Oklahoma (oh my gosh can this be worse than my state of Texas?). One instructor was teaching awareness and PREPARATION. In the story I emphasized watching their hands. He taught us that their eyes will not kill you but their hands will. My eyes were locked on their hands. (Gee I hope that doesn't offend someone.) Annnnddddd he also happen to mention watch them attempting to distract you. He actually said it may be as simple as asking you the time. He said that one second of looking at your watch or cell phone may mean your life. So that is why I said my watch didn't work. Now I know these young innocent lads from the First Baptist Church of Houston that I portrayed so horribly were probably about to witness to me about Jesus. I feel so horrible now for trying to stay alert and possibly defending myself. And I apologize for being from Texas.
Your sarcasm is underwhelming, and uncalled for.

Nobody made you post about this incident. You chose to do so. I don't know what your motive was in doing so, but surely you must have understood that by posting you would invite comments. If you weren't prepared to accept comments that have been offered in good faith, then -- candidly -- you should not have posted the story.
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