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No, it didn't upset me. Raised a few moments of concern.

If this incident upset/concerned you

If your point was simply, "Even people you trust could potentially be threatening", frankly you didn't even need the story (but hey this is a forum and conversation isn't a bad thing). As you said, the news is full of incidents involving family and friends. In terms of who is most likely to hurt you it's often someone close, as you recently stated. If your point is constant vigilance is important, I think most people agree with you.

However, it does seem that for some people that constant vigilance involves not inviting people in late at night or not showing them their firearms, etc. How we apply this constant vigilance varies based on the person. You could certainly make the point that a threat may well slip closer than you would assume, which I think is valid and in that case carrying on your person, as you were, is certainly useful.

However, I also wouldn't dismiss the comments made by others completely out of hand. The best defense is a layered defense. Carrying on your person and being selective about who you let in your house at certain times aren't mutually exclusive.

I've had instructors in the past that annoyed the hell out of me by answering my questions with questions of their own. It's not that they didn't want to consider all the alternatives, it's that they wanted me to consider them as well. As you say not letting him in was not an option for you. For others that might not be the case, hence the responses.

You cannot simply lock your door to the outside world and hide safely in your fortress.
I think this is a bit of a strawman. I don't see people advocating for that per se. There are times when frankly you can tell someone, "I'm sorry it's late and I am just about to go to bed." This wasn't a case of a passing motorist asking for help. This was a person who showed up seemingly because he wanted to talk.

"You should have stayed behind locked doors" does not make the world a better place.
I have to be honest with you. I'm not necessarily looking to personally make the world a better place all the time. Some may call me apathetic. At the same time I've never not helped a neighbor in need or called someone help when they needed it and I've driven far, late at night to help friends. What I don't do is put myself in situations that I don't necessarily need to be in. The people with the mentality that they need to make the world a better place can at times, though not always, turn into the George Zimmermans of the world. They see a wrong and by golly it is up to them to correct it. I'm honestly more concerned about that person carrying a gun than I am of the person that keeps to himself or herself.

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