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Either way I go quick attach or direct thread it's going to cost more than just threading my barrels and that's what I needed to know.
When I purchased my first pair of suppressors, I had only one threaded barrel suitable for suppressor use*. ...And it was too short for the cans that I bought.

Just to use the suppressors, I had to thread a "starter pack" of six barrels/rifles. (I pulled some barrels, dropped others off as complete rifles.)

Muzzle diameter and caliber were such with two of them that I had to make the painful call to chop the barrels. It was the most difficult decision with my go-to .270, but proved to be just fine. Even with 4" of barrel missing, I lost less than 40 fps.

*I had several threaded barrels on hand, but didn't want to use them. I also assembled another threaded barrel AR upper during the long wait. But it wasn't in the picture at the time the money changed hands.
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