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Originally Posted by Theohazard
A few silencer quick-attach muzzle devices are designed to shoulder on the muzzle, but most shoulder up against the regular thread shoulder. So you're probably going to run into the same problem with a quick-attach silencer as you would a direct-thread:
Not if I thread 1/2X28 or 9/16X24 on my smaller diameter barrels and run a quick attach device. I was hoping to save money and weight by not having to buy the quick attach muzzle device for all the rifles I want to thread. Either way I go quick attach or direct thread it's going to cost more than just threading my barrels and that's what I needed to know.

I've got to get Household Six on board, and so far she likes the idea of the suppressor after shooting a friends AR15 with one attached. I'm planning on buying two to start one centerfire and to fire. I'm planning on the YHM Resonator for my multi caliber centerfire suppressor and I'm thinking the SC Switchback for my rimfire rifles and pistols. The YHM is a little heavier than I wanted but it seems to do well as a multi caliber suppressor, and I like the modular design of the Switchback especially for use with pistols.
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