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Originally Posted by taylorce1 View Post
I just will not go with a direct thread suppressor.
A few silencer quick-attach muzzle devices are designed to shoulder on the muzzle, but most shoulder up against the regular thread shoulder. So you're probably going to run into the same problem with a quick-attach silencer as you would a direct-thread: They're both using your barrel's shoulder in the same way.

I know that some gunsmiths would fix your problem by machining a collar that gives the barrel a proper-diameter shoulder, but I guess that all depends on the gunsmith and also whether they charge too much to be worth it. Sometimes in these types of cases it just makes more sense to sell the whole firearm (or just the barrel if practical) and buy a new one that's better for use with a silencer.

You might try posting in the gunsmithing subforum, since this is more of a gunsmithing question than a silencer question, and I'm not a gunsmith.
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