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If you're closing an eye shooting any type of firearm you're doing it wrong.
If you hit your target there is no "wrong".


There are methods that work better for some people, some that work better for most people, and some of those don't work well for some people.

No matter what style they use, if it works, its not wrong. Telling people they are wrong when they aren't is what's "wrong".

I close my left eye when shooting. EVERY TIME, no matter what I'm shooting. And it works for me. Shooting with both eyes open screws things up for me. Apparently, I'm not the same as "most people" and I don't try to be. I'm me, and I do what works, for me. I generally hit what I aim at, using my right eye, shooting right handed. If I'm "wrong" in your opinion, so be it, but I'm not wrong in my opinion, my method has been working for me for over half a century and I'm not going to be changing it because someone else thinks I'm "wrong".

I've never had an O/U, primarily due to their high cost. They feel like a 2x4 on edge in my hands, so I've never had any real desire for one. SxS feel different, and ok for me, so I use them and enjoy them.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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