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Post 31 was NOT polite. Even after that you refer to tape or a Magic Dots as crap, which is a poor term if you're being polite. You can convey your method without having to criticize someones else's method just because it's not the same as yours. Or you could just state you feel your method is better, but instead it was, what I use is crap. There are Olympic shooters who use a Dot, so it can't be all bad.

My master eye will unexpectedly shift and I fell the tape is my best solution.

I apologize for the manly statement. Your saying you got ill just struck me as being funny.

I did not refer to you in my post, and still haven't, but if the shoe fits wear it.

Maybe " What I don't get is not one person so far seems to have comprehended using the thumb as I described " would tell you something. If you want to do it that's fine with me, I have no problem with it or nothing bad to say about it. And I never did. Once again, please show my post the same respect. Thank you. Paul
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