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Originally Posted by Carl the Floor Walker View Post
I was going to buy my son, (Army National Guard Medic, just got back from DC) a Sig M18. Just got a email they are in stock, but $799.00. Too much to pay right now without any ammo to waste. I could spare a thousand rounds of my stash, for training and checking the gun out, but just does not make sense now. Man this sucks!
At this point, I don't even care if they raise the price as long as it's not ridiculous. I paid $650 + all tax, transfers etc. for my Glock 26. They want $500 for the LC380. I don't know how much is the Glock 23 yet. But I live in Kalif, I better get while I can at this point.

I am usually very cheap, always look for sale and bargain, not this time. Consider how expensive is the ammo, the gun is only part of the cost. I just buy the gun first and wait for the ammo.

I still have about 200 to 300 rounds of 9mm, about 70 rounds of 380. I am actually short on 38spl and 45ACP. Just enough 38 for my wife with her snubby.( she can't rack the slide).

BTW, thank your son for serving. Hope he wasn't one that stuck in the Capital Hill!!! That's sick.

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