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Hope the ammo situation gets better. Or else, I am getting plastic toy guns now!!! AND I cannot even keep snapping without racking the slide!!!!

I was talking to my stepson, all his friends are buying guns. That's the problem, everyone buy guns and try to buy ammo. Can't exactly blame them, everyone is afraid of the riots, looting and burning. I just worry the ammo shortage might last longer than we expect.

I am just thankful I can still buy guns, but I won't be able to get another one until two weeks later, that stupid one gun in 30 days law. I am down to Ruger LC380 and Glock 23(If I can find one). I have 2 9mm already, a .40S&W might be a good choice. Both can easily change to 9mm.

One thing discourage about LC380 is that it's really not smaller than my PPKS, just lighter. I am going back and fore between the two guns.

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