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These are not arguements,they are just factors I'm considering.I do not have the gun in hand,so I can't slug it at this point.Itssupposedly a 1928 or so Colt Police Positive.

My research tells me bullet dia for 38 S+W should be .360. Undersize cast bullets are problematic.

The only in stock loaded ammo I found (did not buy) is Buffalo Bore .The load data I've seen suggests around 650 fps as typical for handloads. The Buffalo Bore is 1100 fps.
I'm thinking that may be a bit warm for this gun.
One option I was looking at is a Lee 2 cav mold 140 gr SWC .358 dia. A workable plan would be to powder coat those.I can buy that mold. I can set up for powder coating.

Lets remember its not my gun.I'm helping a friend have some ammo for late Grandpas gun.

An Ideal mold with handles came along on line Its a.360 dia 150 gr SWC for this cartridge. I won bid.Its coming.
Time will tell if the bullets will need sizing. I have a luber sizer The luber/sizer bushing and punch in stock .360 dia is $60.

If necessary,I can make a push through die. They might work as cast.Time will tell.

I just dont her to have to deal with leading problems. Some lube seems a good idea. I've never used Alox tumble lube.

At this point,Unclenicks suggestion is interesting,

I may try diluting the tumble lube in mineral spirits and dipping the bases up to the SWC shoulder.

She may take up loading her own.We want to think minimalist and simple.

I can give support,but its best if she's not dependent.

I'm still open to suggestion.
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