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38 S+W bullet lube-Alox t

A friend recently told me she inherited her Grandfather's 38 Colt New Police.
Its the 38 New Police/38 S+W cartridge.I may have heard her say something about "1928"

She won't find much ammo on the shelf.

I found 200 rounds of new PPU brass at Graf's.Its comng. I found some new Lee dies.

I found an old Lyman Ideal mold that should cast the needed .360 diameter.
Its a# 360344 ,150 gr SWC. Its coming.

She's a capable,independent Texas sort of Woman. I'm figuring she'll have her own basic loading kit for this gun.Probably based on a Lee Hand press.

While I have a bench Lyman sizer.luber...It may be a bit much for her to have a sizer luber. And I don't really want her to need for me to size/lube her bullets.A push through sizer for her Lee press is possible if needed

After all that story,what I need to know is, Will liquid Alox be sufficient lube?
Does it dry for clean handling? I'm open to other suggestions.
I don't believe we are talking screaming velocities here. A quick look at data suggests around 650 fps.
Also,I'm open to load suggestions for a 150 gr SWC cast of wheelweight.
My fast pistol/small case powder choices are limited,but I do have Bullseye and maybe HS-5.
I realize this is not a gun to hotrod. Of course,I'd like to now an upper end safe velocity to target.
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