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I bought a M1A SA NM in 1988 brand new for $1100 or so back then. I got busy in self employment, and I put it up.

Fast forward 33 years later and I've never shot it. Never even loaded it, in fact. Not even once. The factory trigger tag is still attached.

Not sure of its value today. Anyone have any ideas on value for this item?

Lee Emerson published an article about rifles in this serial number range:

"042201 to 063000 This is the serial number range that I refer to as the Golden Age of the M1A. The receiver design had fully matured by this time. The receivers were hand finished by the original designer and master craftsman, Melvin Smith. Springfield Armory, Inc. was awash in USGI parts during this period. Thus, factory built standard model M1A rifles in this serial number range were built with a very high USGI parts count."

The bolt is stamped “TRW” on this rifle.

I'm still going to hold onto it. It's like an old friend...


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