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Bartering works well. :-)

Some time back, I purchased some, once fired, 7.62x51 and 308 brass at a local gun shop at a very good price. I use the Lee Decapper & Base on all military brass, as sometimes it can be temperamental.

Last week, while in a state of boredom, I started de-capping the mil brass, and..... Boom! Berdan crap!!! Out of the 200 plus rounds, there were 45 Berdan primed cases. I deal with these guys all the time so I called them and told them about it. They apologized and said they would make it good. I, in turn, told them it wasn't necessary, I wanted them to know as someone else might not be as easy going about it as me.

I took the brass along with 150+ pieces of .30-'06 brass into the shop. They looked over the brass and asked how much I wanted for it. I told them I would rather trade it out. They had some Lil' Gun powder for $31.00 a pound. I asked if they would trade the brass for 2 pounds? Well, I now have 2 pounds of Lil' Gun in my growing stash of powders. :-)

I need to go out to the garage and see what other brass I have that I no longer need.

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