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A Perfect Day For A Steel Challenge

Weather was perfect today for out monthly Steel Challenge Match. Registration was full with 75 shooters showing up for the 8 stages of fire.

I shot my Black Mamba, after getting it back from Volquartsen two weeks ago. Basically it's a new gun and all the little problems with it have been corrected. VQ replaced the top end after a small piece broke off my original. They also put in a new barrel so I seasoned it with 800 rounds of Federal HV 36 grain HPs.

The match went off without a hitch. By 10 o'clock I had to take off my sweater, the temperature was over 70 degrees and there was no wind.

My score was a little better than my average. After a few bad stages I began to thing, in practice I never miss a 6 inch plate out to 25 yards so why would I be missing during the match. I started watching the dot and stopping on target long enough to get a good sight picture. On the last 4 stages I outshot all of my previous times.

We have a small cadre of shooters that enjoy being together. I like running the board and it seems that that is not a favorite chore for everyone.
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