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Pistol suppressor suggestions

I'm looking to get a pistol suppressor and I'm open to suggestions. I currently have a SilencerCo Omega 300 for my centerfire rifles (w/ an additional 5.56 end cap when I have it on my 5.56 rifles) and a .22 LR suppressor from Griffin Armament. Both of them have QD attachment methods: the Dead Air Key-Mo (bought the adapter) for the Omega and a tri-lug for the Griffin Armament and I'm a big fan of both QD methods.

Factors to consider:

- As stated, I'm a big fan of QD mounting systems. But I understand that pistol suppressors have to be direct thread due to the tilting design/function of most modern pistols and the booster/piston in the suppressor to compensate for that. That being said, if there is a QD mounting system out there for pistols that functions reliably, I'd like to hear about it.
- I'm active duty military, so companies that offer MIL/LE discounts are always a plus. That's why I went with SilencerCo initially.
- Pistol I plan on suppressing is my Sig 226. I may suppress others down the road too, so I'm not set on 9mm only. I also plan on getting a pistol caliber carbine not far down the road I will be using this on as well.
- For size vs quiet factor of the suppressor, I don't want a paper towel roll on the end of my pistol for the added decibels of noise reduction. Something middle ground for both size and noise reduction OR one that is modular and I can make it as small or large as I want.

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