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People generally avoid weighing or measuring black powder in equipment that has steel parts due, I suppose, to the potential for ignition. I would not worry about plastic parts.

Measuring scales used to have brass pans. My late 1970s RCBS 10-10 scale does, at least.

If you are worried about weighing powder BP charges, you can make powder dippers out of cut off brass cartridge cases using twisted wire in the extractor groove as handles.

Grains is a unit of mass, not volume. Since it isn't possible to measure mass by volume, your statement requires clarification.
Grains are not a measure of mass, they are a measure of weight.

Volumetric powder measures have been around for centuries. They are marked by weight for a volume of black powder, sometimes by granulation. Since BP is hygroscopic, powder weight for a given volume could vary depending on weather conditions, but powder volume would always contain nearly the same volume of powder. It's a simple tool, but very effective.
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