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I could probably google a Lee measure, but instead I'll assume they are plastic with a 'useful life window' that is in direct sight.
I've used a few of their molds and had success, but would not consider most of their products due to my personal experience and observations.
I like to buy once.

I would not use any plastic measures due to concerns over static electricity (but am sure some folks do).

I would recommend either using a black powder pencil type adjustable measure or even a BP
pistol powder flask if you cannot make a scoop from a 45-70 case with a copper handle brazed on.

If the loads are for your breech loader (paper cartridges) no drop tubing is necessary anyway, so
you would not be losing any reloading speed.

Hope you are able to get black powder. A gunsmith friend of mine has helped quite a few people
shooting inline cap guns after they met with lackluster BP substitute groups.
All were new to muzzleloaders and were amazed at how accurate a BP charge was and how simple cleaning was as well.

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