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Those who you bought the hammer bushing from do not make those bushings, they just resell those that they have made by someone else.
Quality Control is therefore NOT on the sellers menu. When a faulty part is returned, you get a replacement from the very same batch.
In the past, and they've admitted this, on another forum in a post that I have a hard copy of, that they have gotten some of these hammer bushings from the company that makes 'em, that are too friggen long and the left end of the bushing rides/drags on the inside face of the safety plate. That effect will slow down the forward motion of the bolt. Not good. Check that for yourself.

I have seen this multiple times and have replaced their hammer bushings with a "good" properly fitted, hammer bushing on a regular basis. Consider this. Ruger uses manufacturing tolerances. What that means when replacing hammer bushings, is, "one size does not fit all".
The bushings I use are fit to each specific hammer bushing hole diameter and the "over-all length" is closely held, and often adjusted, so it doesn't drag on the safety plate.
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